DSWCA Trick-or-Treating Blocks!

Last year, on 1600 S Lawrence, DSWCA brought you the first-ever safe corridor for trick or treating in Dickinson Square West! This year, we are doing it again, but expanding your trick or treating fun to TWO safe corridors!

We will be closing the following blocks to street traffic:

  • 400 SIGEL ST. (between 4th and 5th / Moore and Mifflin)
  • 1600 S LAWRENCE ST. (between 4 and 5th / Morris and Tasker)Toss on your Halloween costume and stop by both blocks to enjoy plenty of delicious candy and spooky decorations! Feel free to bring a chair and handout your own candy. Anyone is welcome, you don’t have to live in Dickinson Square West.

    Costumes are encouraged for all ages! We look forward to seeing you!

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