Zoning Committee meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month when there are applications to be heard. Meetings are held at Dickinson Square Park in the Parson’s Building inside the Middle of the park on 4th and Morris st at 7 pm.

Applicants should request a meeting via email at :     zoning@dswca.org
and submit the following items a minimum of fourteen (14) days before the scheduled meeting:
  1. Zoning Board refusal letter, with the proposal and list of requested variances
  2. Site Plan and/or Survey of Property, in a clear and legible format to scale
  3. Architectural Plans, including building elevations and floor plans in a clear and legible copy to scale
  4. Photos in color of the immediate structure in question and neighbors on all 4 sides
  5. An air photo in color and zoning map of the immediate area
  6. Any other supporting documentation that is directly relevant to the application

Please note:

  • The Zoning Committee will not render a decision on your project at the meeting unless it has all of the required material. We will provide the ZBA with a letter outlining why no meeting has been held
  • A maximum of three ZBA applications are heard at any committee meeting.
  • If the application cannot be heard before the applicant’s ZBA hearing date, a continuance should be requested of the ZBA.
  • If the applicant does not appear before the DSWCA Zoning Committee, a letter to the ZBA is issued recommending denial until such application is submitted to the Zoning Committee for review.

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