Block Captains

Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC) Block Captain Program

For more than 70 years, PMBC has helped bring positive change to neighborhoods throughout our City. Through their network of Block Captains, PMBC works to organize events, provide support, and empower residents to come together for a more beautiful Philadelphia.

To become a block captain, fill out a contact form or call at 215-685-3981 to receive a petition in the mail.

Circulate the petition among your neighbors to elect a Block Captain. You will need 51% of the residents on your block to sign the petition — one (1) adult signature per household.

Organize a meeting to elect officers — Block Captain, Block Co-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.

Mail your completed petition to PMBC—a Clean Block Officer will contact you soon to help you get started.

PMBC Clean Block Officers act as liaisons between residents and City government to provide departmental resource materials, information, and services relating to block cleanliness and beautification. Contact our Clean Block Officer, John Landers, at 215-685-3972.

Block Captains unite your neighborhood. Together, you can build a vision for a clean and beautiful block. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Sweep walks and gutters.
  • Plant flowers on the block, in yards, in window boxes, in sidewalk urns, and around the base of street trees.
  • Maintain and paint abandoned houses.
  • Plant new street trees.
  • Install decorative security lights.
  • Hang flags or pennants.
  • Paint curbs.
  • Help neighbors paint and renovate.
  • Scrub steps.
  • Organize block parties.
  • Coordinate activities for children.
  • Install and maintain block litter baskets.
  • Remind neighbors of trash and recycling collection days and material guidelines.