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November 12, 2014DSW Logo

Sent via email to Michelle.Rand@phila.gov

Ms. Michelle Rand
Zoning Board of Adjustment
1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Room 1140
Philadelphia, PA  19102

RE:     ZBA Application #559518, 1530 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Ms. Rand:

The above-referenced applicant presented the ZBA application at a Dickinson Square West Civic Association (DSWCA) Zoning Committee meeting on Tuesday, October 28, 2014.  The Zoning Committee provided public notice to surrounding neighbors for that meeting (enclosed).  At that time, a representative of the applicant Sherry Yang, who recently purchased the building, presented plans to convert the current use of the building as a single to a duplex, seeking a use variance where multiple dwellings in one structure are not allowed in an RSA-5 (formerly R10-A) zone.  That block in the last year has become majority single family use with the exception of 1526-28 which is housing for differently-abled adults who have been contributing members of the community since the 80’s and a veterinary hospital.

The DSWCA Zoning Committee heard from 8 immediate neighbors who were adamantly opposed to the planned use because they believe the zoning code should be enforced.  No one at the meeting supported the conversion to duplex.  Neighbors made it very clear they want to avoid multi rentals and prefer single homes, as most of the area is zoned, because of prior issues of detrimental impact on the neighborhood, trash problems, building deterioration and multiple occupants.  Neighbors also noted that prior to the sale, the building had been occupied by a single family who had lived in the community for decades.  The representative of the applicant, a new owner, explained that the property was bought as an investment and the new owner would not be living there as they lived in New Jersey.  There is no hardship.  After consideration, the Committee feels the use variance is not justified and impairs the intent of the zoning code.  Therefore, the DNCA Zoning Committee recommends the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment deny ZBA Application 559518, 1530 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA 

We appreciate the opportunity to provide comment on this application.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.




Lawrence Reigel

Zoning Committee





cc:           Marie Beren, Councilman Squilla’s office (via email); Jeannette Brugger, PCPC (via email), applicant representative

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 Presentation of change of use 1530 South 5th Street Change of use to a 2 family dwelling where zoning does not permit such use

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