Monday  June 17th, 2014, 7:00 PM

Mt. Moriah (410 Wharton)


  1.  7:03 PM Call to Order.
  2.  7:05 PM President’s Welcome & Message. President Ted Savage introduces himself, welcomes everyone and opens the     Meeting  by mentioning  that there isn’t much on our Agenda this evening. Ted reminded all attending that Raffle tickets are still for sale and that all residents of DSWCA  should Vote for/against the proposed revisions to our By-Laws. Ballots are available at table closest to entrance and identification is needed to vote.
  3.  7:10 PM Roll Call. Introduction of Officers and Directors. Present at this meeting was Ted Savage(President), Chris Brick(Treasurer), Heather Schultz(Director), Jeff Wiesner(Director) and Joe Lavini(Secretary).
  4.  7:10 PM Approval of Minutes. April 15th and May 19th Meeting Minutes were approved. Chris Brick approved and Heather Schultz seconded. No objections.
  5.  7:10 PM Reports.
    1.    Finance Committee.  Chris Brick asked for approval of Monies needed for      Annual Budget and line item supplies  previously discussed at recent            Director’s Meeting. Heather Schultz approved and Joe Lavini seconded.        No objections
    2.    Zoning Committee.   No current applications.
    3.     By-Laws Committee. Vote being taken at this Community Meeting.
    4.     Safety Committee. Gina Caruso reminded everyone of the National Night     Out Kick-off  Rally @Sachs Park on Mon. August 4th, from 5pm to 8pm.       Also Movie Night@ 8pm @  Dickinson Square Park .
  6.     7:15 PM  Old Business.  No Old Business reported at this meeting.
  7.     7:20PM   New Business.Our Volunteer Group is planning a Fall-Clean-up and Block Party in September possibly early October see web site to keep informed during summer. There will be no Community Board Meetings in July or August.Two General discussions took place this evening. The first involved the speed of vehicles up and down our city streets. Ted discussed that the Streets Dept. has in certain situations reversed the direction of different streets so cars would  have to  slow down to change direction. The second item discussed was the Play Street. The 500 block of Mountain is a Play Street. Children from any neighborhood can participate on the Play Street. Further information is needed about the free lunch for the kids and Gina Caruso noted that an Application Process from the Street’s Department is  needed to become a Play Street. More information to follow on our Web site. Ted at this point of the meeting wanted the Raffle to go off and the winning ticket went to Derek Fisher who happens to be Joe Lavini’s Son. It was then announced that a majority of the General Membership voting approved the revisions to our Bylaws. Ted then thanked everyone for their help and participation and welcomed everyone to enjoy the  food and refreshments.                                                                      
  8.     7:25PM  Guest Speaker.  Scott from  Orange Energy Solutions took a minute to explain  PGW’s Energysense Program. Residents who wish to participate have until September to receive  1% loan for energy upgrades.  Scott handed out info and stayed to talk and sign up residents.   To pre-qualify for the loan, go to
  9.    8:10PM   Announcements.                                                                                                       Next meetings not until September. Volunteer meeting is September 2nd and the Community Board meeting is September 16th.