Tuesday, February 18 2014 BOARD COMMUNITY MEETING


Tuesday  February 18 2014, 7:00 PM

Mt. Moriah (410 Wharton)




1.  7:03 PM          Call to Order.

2.  7:05 PM          President’s Welcome & Message. President Ted Savage welcomes everyone and explains that  both Lowe’s and Home Depot are out of Salt and wishing everyone a Happy Spring since it was not Snowing. Ted introduced his newly appointed Board Member Phannah Pek. Noting she has lived on Greenwich Street since she was a child.

3.  7:10 PM          Roll Call. Introduction of Officers and Directors. Present at this meeting was Chris Brick (Treasurer), Joe Lavini(Secretary), and Board Members Jeff Weisner, Heather Shultz and Phannah Pek.

4.  7:10 PM          Approval of Minutes.  Due to weather problems Ted mentioned that several issues were  approved by the Board via e-mail. One being the Approval of the Minutes for  November 20th,2013. They were approved and seconded.

5.  7:10 PM          Reports.

A.     Directors.

B.     Treasurer. Chris Brick reported that Financial Guidelines are coming up for Board Approval next month.

C.            Finance Committee.   Approved $148.00 for cost of flyers printed for Mount Sinai Project. Ted noted that Zoning committee spent at least this same amount of money or more for previous notices for which there was no re-imbursement.

D.   Zoning Committee. Ted pointed out that the cost of Notices will no longer fall on our Zoning Committee. Affected Residents will now be notified by Zoning Applicant as approved by City Council. Ted also mentioned how long and hard the entire Zoning Committee has been working in preparing many pages of good and bad issues concerning Mt. Sinai. Hearing set for March 5th,2014 @ 2:00 PM in MSB Building.

E.   By-Laws Committee. No new business.

F.   Safety Committee. Gina Caruso noted uptick in Burglaries in our area. She handed out Crime Prevention Tips and noted a New Captain in 3rd District, Captain Frank Milillo.

6.  7:15 PM            Old Business.  Voted by e-mail in January. President appointed Chris Brick as Treasurer. He also appointed Heather Schultz to the Board of Directors. Authorized purchase of new Printer, folding tables, chairs and  new banners. Approved banking institution change from First Trust to Tru-Mark Federal Credit.

7.       7 :20PM               New Business. Appointed Phanna Pek to Board of Directors. Motion to approve Tru-Mark Federal Credit as Financial Institution. Chris approved and Jeff  seconded. Also motioned to approve $148.00  for Staples.  Heather approved and Joe seconded. No disapprovals.

8.     7 :25PM           Guest Speaker. Community Relations Officer Ace DelGado who has served our 3rd District for 20 years touched on many different topics. He spoke about Car break-ins being the most frequent crime in our District and a recent increase in Commercial break-ins. He spoke on Safe Cam, a program to register your camera with the Police Dept., the Property I.D program to register your personal belongings and also the Smart phone recovery system our District uses to locate stolen phones. Officer DelGado spoke intensely about Bullying. He noted that Parents must intervene and have access to their children’s personal belongings.(e.g. cell phones, internet, facebook, etc.). If your child is being Bullied, Call 911 for help. Police will do workshops @  Area Schools. Our next Guest Speaker Sandy Holly worked in Phila School District for 35 years and also spoke about Bullying. She also stressed the importance of intervention. It is everyone’s responsibility to take part in stopping Bullying. Phila School District has 24hr. HOT- LINE #299- Safe. Call when you see problems so situation can be documented. Also call Police so you can get a 48 number so that it is documented with the Police. Documentation is extremely important. Reduce Bullying by being active, if you watch you assist the Bully. Adult Bullying occurs everyday and we must share information and report these actions to the Police. Stand up for the Victim and we can defeat bullying

9.       8:10PM      Announcements.  Monthly Food and Clothing Drive. 2nd Wednesday of each month “Good Samaritan Cupboard” can use both old and new clothing.

March General Meeting Tues. March 20th, 7PM @ Mount Moriah.