December 2011 Minutes

1.   7:10 PM     Call to Order.
2.   7:15 PM    Welcome and Message. The President welcomed all residents who were in attendance and reiterated that this was only the third Community Meeting, but that the Board was very excited the community participation on committees and the new contacts made.  He also urged the community to visit our website (  An open call for neighborhood photos of website was given.

3.   7:20 PM    Roll Call.  Present were:

President Wiesner        Vice-President Hicks
Treasurer Hostettler        Secretary Savage
Director Armistead        Director Lavini
Director McCabe        Director Winkel
4.   7:25 PM    Minutes Adoption.  The Minutes of the November 21, 2011, Meeting, was unanimously approved as amended to reflect Vice-President Hicks’ absence.
5.   7:25 PM    Reports of Officers, Board Members & Standing Committees.

A.    Treasurer & Finance Committee.  The Treasurer reported that the Association has no funds, a 501(c)3 was discussed and that the Committee would meet again on 1/9/2012, and that a Conflict of Interest policy would be appropriate.  Treasurer Hostettler and Director Armistead are working on getting documentation together and a non-profit application prepared.

B.    Greening, Trees & Trash Committee.  Jessica Calter reported that the Committee discussed the mapping of vacant lots and pending property sales, etc., particularly in light of the Manton Street Park situation.  She presented a brief history of Manton Street Park, noting that Councilmen DiCicco and Squila were contacted, as well as the Parks and Recreation Department.  The Committee is also investigating improvements to Saks Park.

C.    Health/Safety Committee.  Gina Caruso discussed the 3rd District PPD citizens committee. If you would like to participate, you should contact Officer Delgado.

D.    Outreach Committee.  The Committee is arranging for liaisons with various community organizations, businesses, churches, etc. in an effort to reach all neighbors, including, but not limited to the elderly, Spanish-speaking, Asian, etc. groups.

E.    Zoning Committee.  Travis Seal, Zoning Committee Chair, updated attendees that they recommended an approval of a ZBA application for Arin Cohen at 506 Watkins, which requires a bulk ‘c’ variance for a rear addition with a 21% open space (30% is required) and a minor height variance.  A letter of approval will be issued.  The Zoning Committee is also working on solidifying a review and public notice process of ZBA applications.
6.   7:35 PM    Unfinished Business.

A.     Meeting Location.  Director Lavini volunteered to contact churches and recreation centers; Vice-President Hicks, businesses; Director McCabe, schools; and Director Winkel, Abigail Vare. For the immediate future, the General Meetings will continue to be conducted at the Municipal Building.  The President announced that the January and February meetings would be held on the third Tuesdays, because of the national holidays in those months.

B.     Guest Speakers.  The Board agreed that this was a good idea.  Mark Squilla and South Philly Food Co-op were suggested.

7.   7:45 PM    New Business: Conflict of Interest Policy.  The President announced that Director Armistead had drafted a Policy Statement, as well as a form for execution by all Officers and Directors, stating that they had no present conflicts.  The Policy Statement would be reviewed and then adopted, after modification.

8.   7:50 PM     Announcements.

A.      Next DNCA MEETING will be Tuesday, January 17, 2012, in the Municipal Building.

B.      The City has adopted new recycling guidelines, and the Greening Committee would be contacting the Queen Village Recycling Committee for further information.
9.   7:55 PM    Adjournment – S O C I A L

Respectfully submitted:

Ted Savage, Secretary