February Zoning Committee

February Zoning Committee
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Parsons Building (in Dickinson Square)
4th & Morris Streets

1107 S. 6th Street (SE corner of 6th & Washington)

On November 7, 2011, the ZBA granted a variance for the rear and 4th floor addition to an existing 3-story structure with a eat-in and take-out restaurant on the first floor with 4 apartments above (Application #348497, Cal #15672).
On June 21, 2012, the ZBA granted administrative review and amended the prior application for the rear and 4th floor addition for an eat-in and take out on the first floor and one family dwelling on the first floor and three family dwelling above (Application #408554, Cal. #15672).
The owner was in the process of obtaining use registration permits to perform the renovations to the building in connection with the previously granted variance when Hurricane Sandy severely damaged the existing walls of the property.  Due to the damage from the hurricane, the existing walls have been deemed structurally unsound and the property requires total demolition.
A use variance is requested to permit a four-family dwelling, where a four-family dwelling is not permitted in the RSA-5 zone.
Bulk (c) variances are requested for the following:
-To permit 10.9% open space, where a minimum of thirty (30%) is required.
-To permit forty-one (41’) feet, where a maximum of thirty-eight (38’) feet is permitted.