DNCA November Committees

Join us at one of our committee meetings this month!  Come make a difference…

DNCA Zoning Committee
Wednesday, November 7th @ 6:30pm
Parsons Building (Dickinson Square Park)
4th & Morris

We’ll be hearing one case, 443 Cross Street, for a proposed construction of a two-story rear addition as part of a single family home requesting a 25% open space variance, where a minimum 30% is required for interior lots in a RSA-5 (formerly R10-A) zone. Questions? email zoning@dickinsonsquarewest.org

Ever wonder what that vacant lot could be?  Shake your head at the trash sometimes?  Then we should talk!
DNCA Clean & Green Committee
Wednesday, November 7th @ 7:30pm
Parsons Building (Dickinson Square Park)
4th & Morris

Questions?  email green@dickinsonsquarewest.org

Got a knack for press releases?  Ideas for social media campaigns?  We could use your help!  Help get the word out about DNCA events and initiatives!  Current projects include putting together a welcome packet for new neighbors, designing a door hanger with DNCA info & more!
DNCA Outreach Committee
Thursday, October 8th @ 7pm
515 Reed Street

Questions?  email outreach@dickinsonsquarewest.org

Do you work in a finance-related field?  Know something about non-profit administration?  You’d make a great finance committee member! 
DNCA Finance Committee
Monday, November 12th @ 7:30pm
Location TBD (email for details)

Questions?  email finance@dickinsonsquarewest.org