Zoning Minutes – April 4, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 6:30pm
Parsons Building

In attendance: Travis, Lyn, Jeff W., Nicole and Stephen B.

Introductions. Call to order by Zoning Chair at 6:43pm

Administrative.    Adoption of March 7, 2012 meeting minutes; Travis approved, Nicole seconded.  Will upload onto webpage

ZBA Applications.  None.

Zoning Projects.

  • ZBA application review process.  Lyn had some minor revisions, which she read through. Travis will make these changes and add language regarding an electronic vote sheet and where to save the final letter for review and adoption at the May meeting. Post on-line after. Discussion of Board involvement in approval letter to ZBA.  Travis will follow ask Squilla to notify us of decision.
  • ZBA Decision Letter Format.  Lyn suggested adding a ‘no position’, Travis will amend letter.
  • Philadelphia Zoning Code: www.zoningmatters.org <http://www.zoningmatters.org/> (Nicole H.)
  • Review of intent of zones and zoning map within DNCA; Nicole will email; upload map, zoning archives?
  • How community organizations are addressed;  Nicole will email; upload onto webpage
  • Vacant Parcels project update (Alan S.).  Alan was absent.
  • CDAG update (Alan S.).  Alan was absent.
  • Discussion of non-conforming dumpsters will be presented at the May meeting

Upcoming Events.

  • DNCA Zoning Committee: Wed. May 2nd, 2012 at 6:30pm, Parsons Building
  • CDAG: Thursday, April 12th at 8
  • South Philadelphia Civic Association Alliance meeting: Thursday, April 19 @ 7pm