Safety Agenda, March 2012

The mission of the Safety committee will largely be determined by its members. Below is an agenda for our first meeting.
Here are some possible topics we could focus on:
  • crime prevention – how to best avoid or deter crime in the first place
    • don’t lock valuables in your car
    • secure your property
    • install and repair outdoor lights
    • communicate with your neighbors – be the “eyes” and “ears” for your block
    • resolve empty/abandoned properties and lots
    • town watch
    • establish a transportation or escort service within DNCA
  • crime reporting – how to address crimes that happened or are in progress
    • establish a communication tree within DNCA
    • establish communication with police and other government offices
    • report nuisance blocks, corners and properties
    • town watch

Please join us and help shape the future of the Safety Committee