506 Watkins St.

A local resident at 506 Watkins St. is applying to the Zoning Board of Adjustments for a variance to make several changes to his property in the course of a renovation. The resident will be presenting before the DNCA Zoning Committee on December 7th at 6:30pm, at the Parsons Rec Center. All are invited to attend to ask questions and discuss the project with the owner.  The resident is seeking the approval of DNCA prior to his ZBA hearing.

The resident wishes to make the following changes to the property, as described below:

1.  A non-conforming, existing addition, to be renovated.
The addition is existing, and will retain the same footprint after renovation. L & I has stated that it infringes on the 30% minimum of open space that it requires.

2.  An increase in height at the rear of the building.
This increase in height is a result of a new second story addition above the existing ground floor addition. The footprint of the building at the ground floor is unchanged.

3.  An increase of +/- one foot (1′) of a portion of the east wall of the building.
The front of the building (north wall) will not be increased, as the structural repairs will not begin until approximately eight feet (8′) into the building. This first eight feet (8′) of roof structure will remain unchanged.

Any parties with an interest in hearing about the project are encouraged to attend and share their thoughts. At the meeting, if asking a question or making a comment, please first indicate if you have any interest in the project (i.e., as attorney, broker, relative of owner, etc.).

Thank you and please do not hesitate to contact our Zoning Committee with any questions: zoning@dickinsonnarrows.org