November 17 minutes – Green Committee

To join the Green Committee – or simply send us a message – email

Held at Parson’s building on Thursday, 11/17 at 7:30pm
Next Green Committee Meeting will be held at Parson’s Building on Wednesday, 12/7 at 7:30pm

Potential Responsibilities/Action items:

  1. Help support and develop Community Gardens
    1. Help drive volunteers, help them expand, help get word out, etc.
  2. Determine a liaison who will receive emails on behalf of the committee
    1. Needs to be very responsive; able to take the lead, communicate back to the Board of Directors; Present committee updates at the general meetings
  3. Determine a person to take notes at the committee meetings, maintain documents, etc.
  4. Establish goals and/or a mission statement for the committee
  5. Create a Neighborhood Map to locate Gardens; parks; etc.
    1. Idea was mentioned about check boxes on the DNCA site to filter content (Parks, gardens, block contacts, vacant blocks, trees(?), etc.
    2. Could overlap and work with Outreach to include other info such as churches, businesses, etc.
  6. Create a Green Phone book
    1. Park Contacts
    2. Green Organization Leaders (Tree Tenders for example)
    3. City Organizations (SWEEP for example)
    4. Recycling
  7. Send new residents welcome packages (might be  a function of Outreach)
  8. Comprise a list of ways to clean up the litter
    1. Organize street cleanups on regular basis to pick up trash and promote a cleaner neighborhood through messaging during the cleanup
      1. Correct ways to bundle trash
      2. Littering penalties
      3. Trash pick up
    2. Check with neighboring Civics to see what they do and what we could consider
      1. Street Cleaning Services
    3. Look into Community volunteers, individuals looking to work off Community Service Hours, etc.
    4. Consider asking the city/Street Department to add trash cans as long as they are maintained through
    5. Email/Communicate reminder to General Members on trash pick-up days after holidays
    6. Email/Communicate to neighborhood recycling info
      1. What you should be recycling
      2. Where to get recycling bins
  9. Look into Littering signs for blocks that would welcome it
  10. Get neighborhood feedback and help ensure the trash trucks are not leaking and workers are not spilling trash during pick-ups
  11. Get neighborhood feedback on loading areas, short dumping locations, dumpster laws
  12. Find ways to protect the our storm sewers /grates so people do not drop litter in them