2021 Reorganization Meeting Details

This year we had the chance to appoint several new board members to the open slots and only had two board members (click here to see our full board) up for reelection that fully satisfied the requirements in their application to run again.

Because we didn’t in the end have 3 election committee members for the first attempt at a vote on 10/12, we reformed the Election Committee (John Dizzler, Gabriela Jordan, Thomas Sheridan) and they have reviewed the candidates and confirmed them as written below.

Glad we found a way to press on and hold the vote again.

The candidates for the DSWCA Board are:

Name: Morgan Berman
Running For: President
Current Role: President
Bio: Morgan is a life-long Philadelphian who has lived in Dickinson Narrows for three years. She is proud to be serving such a welcoming and diverse community, and takes great pleasure in finding ways to improve our neighborhood.

Name: Edward Drakhlis
Running For: Board Member
Current Role: Board Member
Bio: Edward made Philly his home 5 years ago and has enjoyed getting to know his neighbors, supporting block parties and other neighborhood events, and hopes to find ways to partner with community businesses as well.

The Dickinson Square West Civic Association member election will be in person on October 28th 5:30-7:30pm. Our hosts are the Pennsport Beer Boutique located at 1301 S 3rd St. and they are graciously offering us free snacks for all guests!

We have positions open for all roles, including President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary and Board of Directors.

In order to run, candidates must have submitted their fully completed application by August 31, 2021.

Questions can be directed to info@dswca.org.