The Dickinson Square West Clean & Green Committee meets with other committees the FIRST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH!  7pm at Mt. Moriah Church (410 Wharton Street).

Below are some of the things we are working on:

  • Help support and develop Community Gardens. Help drive volunteers, help them expand, help get word out, etc.

  • Create a Neighborhood Map to locate Gardens; parks; etc.

  • Create a Green Phone book.

  • Work with existing park groups to improve neighborhood parks: Tree Tenders, Passyunk Pruners, etc.
  • Fight Litter!
  • Organize community clean ups
  • Investigate street cleaning services
  • Increase recycling rates: distribute bins, clarify what can be recycled
  • Plant, prune and care for trees
  • Improve loading areas, short dumping locations, dumpster laws
  • Protect the our storm sewers /grates so people do not drop litter in them
Proposed improvements by Community Design Collaborative
Sacks Playground – Proposed improvements by Community Design Collaborative


green map