The real “action” within Dickinson Square West will happen at the committee level. A majority of all issues will be assigned to a specific committee to address and resolve if necessary.

Please select a committee from the drop-down menu [coming soon] for more information. Here is a brief listing of the committees and their focus. The specific goals and mission statement will be posted to their respective pages when completed:

  • Outreach:
    Encourage communication and participation from all aspect of the community and surrounding areas. This includes reaching out to neighbors, businesses and communities within our boundaries (e.g., ethnic, religious, elderly, youth). It may also include updating our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Clean & Green:
    Planting trees, maintaining parks, rehabilitating lots, picking up trash, and other health and sanitation issues.
  • Zoning:
    Variance requests and violations occurring within our boundaries.
  • Finance:
    Provide transparent financial oversight for the DSW. This includes an accurate budget, financial planning, revenue generation, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies. Current priority projects include obtaining 501(c)3 status, creating financial policy guidelines and monthly financial reports.
  • Safety:
    Working to make our streets safer for all residents.